At, Alimen Enterprise we provide a wide range of promotional items, local handicrafts and custom-made products such as the followings;

• Stationeries

Bean M/Tape
Flower Highlighter
Football M/Tape
Frosted Luggage Tag
Metal Paper Clip
Round M/Tape
Square M/Tape
Stationery Cube (with Paper Clips)
Stress Ball - Football
Stress Ball - Plain
• Notepads
BIG Half Moon PP Notebook (comes with Pen)
ECO Notepad (with Pen)
ECO Notepad with ReStick Notes (with Pen)
Mini ALPHA Notepad (with Pen)
Mini BETA Notepad (with Pen)
MINI Half Moon PP Notebook (comes with Pen)
OMEGA Notepad (with Pen)
Silver Notepad + Card Holder (with Pen)
Wavy Notepad (with Pen)
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