At, Alimen Enterprise we provide a wide range of promotional items, local handicrafts and custom-made products such as the followings;

• New Items

Lunch Jar 1 (V17)
Lunch Jar 2 (V17)
Lunch Jar 3 (V17)
Lunch Jar 4 (V17)
TF3 (V17)
TF4 (V17)
WB1 (V17)
CM 1 (V17)
CM 2 (V17)
Barrel Mug (V17)
Foldable Bottle 480ml
Colored TRL (V17) - 500ml
Troopy Bottle
ECO Rota Notepad
(with Pen)
Holey PP Notepad
(with Pen)
ECO Notepad with ReStick Notes (with Pen)
5 in 1 Stationery Set
Aloe Pen
Poppy Pen
Vera Pen
Triangle Pen
Tubby Pen
Betty Pen
Candy Pen
Rose Pen
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