At, Alimen Enterprise we provide a wide range of promotional items, local handicrafts and custom-made products such as the followings;

• Keyholders

KC01 (V16)
KC02 (V16)
KC03 (V16)
KC04 (V16)
KC05 (V16)
KC06 (V16)
KC07 (V16)
KC08 (V16)
KC09 (V16)
KC10 (V16)
KC11 (V16)
KC12 (V16)
KC13 (V16)
KC14 (V16)
KC15 (V16)
KC16 (V16)
KC17 (V16)
KC18 (V16)
KC19 (V16) Metal Heart Caribiner K/C
KC20 (V16) Plastic Heart Caribiner K/C
KC21 (V16) Metal Leaf Caribiner K/C
KC22 (V16) Glossy Frame Keyholder
KC23 (V16) Leather P/Frame K/C (with Mirror)
KC24 (V16) Acrylic K/C - Big
KC25 (V16) Acrylic K/C - Small
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